Notice about Installation of Solar Street Light

As per the decision made by Government of Nepal on dated 2072-10-08, The GON has endorsed the guideline "JANASAHABHAGITA MA AADHARIT SAURYA SADAK BATTI KARYAKRAM SANCHALAN NIRDESHIKA 2072" for installation of Solar street light in bazzar area, school, hospital, and other possible places. As per the guidelines, the ministry has published the notice on dated 2072-10-29 for collection of proposal from user committees, citizen awareness centers, tole biikas santha and other public organization. In this regard the khandbari municipality has informed all the above stakeholder to submit the proposal for the purpose before Falgun 30, 2072. The proposal form will be available from municipality office. please consult the municipality office if you need further information on it or visit