Message From Mayor

It is my great pleasure to inform you that the khandbari municipality has started its own webpage in new look, design and colors. As per the right to information act and its regulation, the municipality is aiming to provide true and dependable information easily to all citizen of khandbari municipality. This website will act as a step towards enhancing the commitment of municipality to guarantee for providing all information related to municipality. It is our commitment that this website will be updated periodically as well as need base with new information. All the information related to development initiatives and service delivery by the municipality will be shared through this website timely. It will improve our relationship with right holder citizens and thus improve the governance also. In addition to contemporary sharing of information, this website will also provide updated data related to municipality like ward profile, annual development plan, taxes rates endorsed by council, citizen charter, periodic progress report, periodic income/expenditure reports, name list eligible for social security allowance etc. Your valuable advices and inputs will be always expected for making this website more effective, informative, dependable source of information. I would be grateful if you visit this page frequently and also suggest to your family, relatives and friends for viewing regularly. Thank you.

Murari Prasad Khatiwada,Mayor, Khandbari Municipality.